July 01 – Starter Pack


The purchase includes 2 weights
+ July 01 Regular
+ July 01 Bold

July 01 began to come to life in late 2020, when Danilo DeMarco began designing the first letters that would make upthe monogram F + D, to be used in his wedding visual. Ittook Danilo more than a year and a half to complete thefont and all four of its weights.

July 01 is a font with a vintage style, but at the same time it looks extremely modern. The strong constat between vertical and horizontal rods makes it fit into the Bodonian family. Although many of its letters have a more condensed style, others are a bit wider, all for greater contrast. Many of the letters that make up the font have a distinctive design that gives the font character, making it distinguishable from other similar fonts.

July 01 is a purely graphic font, ideal for making artwork or for use in titles or subtitles within websites or printed magazines. The strong contrast of its constituent parts make it not very usable for small texts, nevertheless its use is not excluded for the composition of not excessively small texts if well balanced.

Danilo decided to name the font July 01 because it is the date of his wedding, which took place on July 1, 2022.

The Starter Pack contains the two basic July 01 weights, Regular and Bold

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog



July01 - fashion Typeface July01 - Vintage Moderna Typeface July01 - Font serif


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